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Please tell me it's not true

The latest garbage to come out of the transfer dumpster is Bent coming to Liverpool. At least I hope it's garbage and I pray it's going to go right past our front door and get dumped into the landfill of neverending transfer refuse. Well, that's not necessarily true, but if we pay what has been reported they want for him, we'll just be making fools of ourselves.

Charlton are out of their freakin' minds if they think they're going to get £14m for the 23-year-old striker. First of all, are they going to be able to afford him as they next season in the Championship? Doubtful. They have to get rid of him, but no one is going to pay that price. Second, let's just say they did not get relegated and are taking offers for Bent, but are inclined to keep him. Would anyone pay £14m then? Probably not. There's no questioning Bent's talent and ability but let's be frank, he's not world class and he'll never attain that level. If he was, he would have put Charlton on his back, like Tevez did West Ham, and lead them out of the relegation zone.

We need a world class forward if we are going to challenge on all fronts next year and Bent is not the answer.

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