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Henry to Liverpool: Rubbish.

Let's get something straight, Arsenal will never, ever sell Henry to another Premiership side, even if he demanded it. Reports that the likely-hood of this happening are appearing to escalate, which is just ridiculous. Hell, some betting sites have cut the odds from 10/1 to 3/1. If that's not a sucker bet, I don't know what is.

Furthermore, what's the point? There's no denying Henry's ability, but like I wrote in an earlier post, coming off an injury-riddled season and the fact that he'll turn 30 early in the season next year is too much of a risk. The only way I see this ever happening is if Arsenal is willing to take Bellamy for him. Like I said, never going to happen.

In other news, apparently Eto'o has met with Benitez, though the former is denying it. I'm warming up to the idea of Eto'o coming, but I'd still rather have Tevez.

Malouda has no yet signed with Arsenal and I'm beginning to suspect that was just a joke leaked by Arsenal fans who wanted to get under Reds' fans. Didn't work if it was since there's about four or five other options at left midfield next year. Anyhow, Malouda has admitted his admiration for LFC.

Word is Yossi Benayoun has not signed the deal West Ham has offered because he's waiting for Liverpool to make an offer. If he's willing to wait until close to the end of the transfer window, I think we'd consider him, but thing is he'd have to work his ass off to find anytime on the pitch at Liverpool, but at West Ham he's almost guaranteed a starting spot. So I don't see it happening.

Dani Alves, who looks to be going to Chelsea, would prefer to go Liverpool. Unfortunately, Benitez doesn't see him fitting in anymore at the price that Sevilla wants for him, and I'm sure Rafa is eyeing someone else. Come to think of it, what we need is a true right back who doesn't mind staying back, which is what I think Finnan will become more of next year.

Finally, it looks as if neither Xabi nor Sissoko nor Reina (but that was pretty much given) is going nowhere. Interesting.

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