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More Anfield Banter: Another keeper signed, Carlsberg sucks, & More on the Torres front

* Who says we haven't signed anyone this summer? We just added our third (fourth, if you count Carson) reserve squad keeper with the addition of Bulgarian International Nikolay Mihaylov. The 19-year-old was the back-up last season for the Bulgarian champs, Levski Sofia. He'll probably end up as our number two on the reserves with David Martin being the regular.

* God I hate Carlsberg. Gives me a headache everytime and I rate it only slightly better than Grolsch. I don't really give a rat's ass if it is my team's sponsor and will continue to be so for the next four years, I can't drink it.

* Apparently Atletico are now saying it's up to Torres whether he comes to Liverpool or not. Gil Marin, the major shareholder at Atletico, went on to say that 'nobody is indispensable', 'Atletico are building a team that does not revolve around Fernando Torres but around the team as a whole', and that their attempt to sign Diego Forlan is to partner him with Torres. I still don't know if bringing Torres in is a good idea. If he flops it's going to be embarrassing, not on the Juan Sebastián Verón level, but pretty damn bad.

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