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Anfield Banter: EPL schedule changes, Roma & Juve join Bellamy hunt, 'Phase 2' about to begin?, Tevez is probably not coming, & Hopefully Diego Forlan won't be either

* Well we've already had two changes in the EPL schedule. First, the West Ham match at Anfield on August 15th has been erased from the schedule since it falls on a Champion's League third round qualifying date. I wonder why it was ever scheduled for that date anyhow? I guess we might find out some answers today. Also the Tottenham home match originally scheduled for Saturday, October 6th, has been moved to Sunday, October 7th due to the Spurs' UEFA Cup schedule. Hopefully that will mean it's going to be televised by FSC.

* Craig Bellamy added two more clubs to the list that would like to obtain his services for next season. Oddly enough, they're both Italian. Hmmm... Bellamy in Italy? Don't know about that one. Anyhow, they're Juve and Roma. Reports are that they've offered £10m for him, which is still £2m less than what Benitez wants for him.

* Gillett has announced that 'Phase 2' of the summer signing session is about to begin, now that 'Phase 1', which was resigning the stars to long term contract has ended. Does that mean Momo is going elsewhere?

* I don't think West Ham is very happy with us right now, especially after Rick Parry basically testified against them in the Tevez-Sheffield United debacle. So this may mean that they won't be selling Tevez to us no matter what. Oh well, that sucks.

* Finally, I really hope all this Diego Forlan talk is hogwash. £15m? They're having a laugh.

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