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Anfield Banter: Benitez quitting?, Bent denies Hammers, & Bellamy sings his hate for the Rangers

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* Is Benitez contemplating a move to Real Madrid after getting the run around from Gillett and Hicks about transfer funds? First, I think all the commotion surrounding the transfer funds situation is ridiculous. We all know Rafa prefers Spanish players and no one will be for sale in La Liga until next Monday at the earliest. Second, look at the players Rafa has brought in this year so far. With the exception of Andriy Voronin, they are all young, which tells me Rafa is here for the long haul. Finally, why overpay for a player? Houllier made that mistake with Cisse, Heskey, and Diouf, we don't need those kind of snafus again. Rafa isn't going anywhere.

* Darren Bent said no to West Ham, turning down a £75,000-a-week deal. That's interesting considering he won't get half that at Liverpool. Maybe his ambitions involve something more than money. I'm still not sold on him being worth anymore than £10m, but I'm definitely impressed that he turned down that kind of dinero. Maybe Lucas Neill can learn something from him.

* If you've already seen this, I apologize, but Craig Bellamy's best friend is controversy and to further prove this, the former Celtic striker was caught on video singing his love for the Rangers at a pub in Belfast. Here's the video: