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Anfield Banter: Benayoun is not in the bargain bin, Really? Real want Dudek?, & another young midfielder?

* I'm beginning to think Benitez is one cheap bastard, like the type of guy who haggles at the farmer's market to get an extra 10 cents off a couple of tomatoes. I mean, what does he do? Call up his buddies back in Spain and say 'Guess what? I got Andriy Voronin for free?! Yeah, who's el hombre now, bitches?!' In his latest search for cheap labor, he has reportedly offered West Ham £1m for Benayoun, for which the Hammers were 'insulted'. If that's true, I'm insulted. Benayoun is a decent player and is worth at least as much as Arbeloa, who we bought for £2.5m. If Benayoun hadn't expressed his desire to come to LFC, this deal would be surely dead in the water. Once again, I don't see the point unless Benayoun can play left wing. I just checked out, and a matter of fact, he can! Maybe this will be a good buy after all.

* Real Madrid have reportedly made an offer for Jerzy Dudek. Speaking of people losing their minds. Wait a second, didn't Dudek throw a fit last season because he was tired of backing up Pepe, who is the back-up for Iker Casillas on the Spanish National team and is also the starter for Real? My favorite part of that article:

"Real Madrid have made a sensational move for out-of-contract Liverpool goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek."

Sensational might be a stretch.

* Finally, we have reportedly made an offer for FC Barcelona prospect Marc Crosas. The 18-year-old would initially come over on a loan with a permanent switch option. Another midfielder. Yeah.

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