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People are losing their freakin' minds: Woman rips ex-boyfriend's testicle off with her bare hands & Robbie Fowler going to the Rangers?!?!?

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First thing first, this is absolutely nuts. No pun intended. Here's a little excerpt:

She grabbed his genitals, pulling off his left testicle which she tried to swallow. When she choked on the organ, she spat it out. A friend handed it back to Mr Jones saying; "That’s yours."

Sure, it's the Mirror, but, seriously, that must have hurt.

So how can you top that off? Easy. Robbie Fowler to the Rangers?!?!? He should probably think about this. Just considering it is not doing any good for anyone. I know plenty of Celtic/Liverpool fans and historically the clubs have a lot of mutual respect for one another, but this would cause a major rift in that relationship. LFC fans would basically have to disown Fowler to maintain that respect. Let's just say this, I know people, who revere Fowler, who would cry if this happened.