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Anfield Banter: A whole lot of gloom and doom

* We are apparently trying to beat out Chelsea, Man U, Arsenal, and Lyon for the services of Renato Augusto, a 19-year-old Brazilian midfielder who currently plays for Flamengo. Awesome. That's exactly what we need, another young midfielder who won't see the pitch for the next five years.

* Crouch wants Benitez to know that he wants regular first team football. And he wants to stay? If Crouchy wants to play regularly he needs to ask to be transferred.

* If Real Betis get relegated this weekend, Mark Gonzalez might be staying! Yes! Finally, some good news! In all fairness, maybe he deserves a second chance?

* Lyon thinks they are going to get £17m for Florent Malouda. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Man U for vastly overpaying for Michael Carrick and ditto to Chelsea as well in regards to Ballack and Shevchenko, thanks for paying too much for players that frankly no one else wanted to begin with so now that players are on the market that teams want, they can jack up the price even more. We won't pay more than £12m for him. I guess that means we're going for Sabrosa again.

* I honestly thought David Villa would be coming our way this summer, but it appears now that he wants to stay in Spain. Like my grandpa used to say, 'It's gonna get a whole lot worse before it gets any better.'

* Ah, some sort of good news. After signing one of their super prospects, Kristian Nemeth, LFC has recently signed a deal with MTK Hungaria to help support their developmental academy and then pluck them dry of any potential talent. Now that's what I like to hear.

* West Ham are willing to fork over £18m for Darren Bent. He's all your's.

* Finally, is David Trezeguet the answer? I guess it really depends on what the question is and how cheap will he come. Apparently Arsenal want him as well and have offered £5m for him. Getting in a bidding war for Trezeguet would be like arguing over who wants to drink something to see if it's poison, if it's not, at least your not thirsty any more.

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