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Anfield Banter: the Milito brothers, Danny O'Gonell, Rift? What rift?, & Scott Carson is a whole lot nicer than I am

* Not satisfied with just one Milito brother, apparently we also want Diego to go along with Gabriel. No word whether or not they have a sister or possibly a cousin they can throw into the deal as well. We need Gabriel to bolster our interior defense and Diego's not that bad of a striker, just a bit old, but if the reports of Zaragoza wanting £20m for the duo are true, I have my doubts. £15m seems about right and I hope Diego doesn't mind the rotation.

* Adios, Danny O'Donnell. He never played a competitive match for us and wish him all the best at Crewe.

* With Snoogy Doogy apparently being too expensive for us, there have been reports that Rafa has been more open to Real Madrid's courting. Though I'm starting to doubt almost everything they say, the new owners have come out and said there is no riff between them and the boss on our future summer signings, but they will not be spending 'like drunken sailors.' I guess that means no hookers and booze. How do we expect to lure players away from signing with Italian clubs or Arsenal if we don't use hookers and booze? I'm giving the owners three weeks before I officially get fed up with their doublespeak bullshit.

* Finally, how the hell can Scott Carson not be at least a little irritated at Leroy Lita? The latter missed an 88th minute penalty to keep the score 0-0 and costing the England U21 team two points. I'd be irate. Not only does the clean sheet effort mean less, but those two points can be the difference in whether or not the Young Lions advance past the group stage.

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