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Anfield Banter: Voronin will not be denied, Gerrard needs some rest, I can understand Torres, but Diego Forlan? & all the Bellamy to West Ham talk

* Ukrainian International and striker extraordinaire Adriy Voronin has come out and said that he did not come to Liverpool to ride the pine. Now that's what I like to hear. The only problem is, if we do sign a world class striker, it looks as if Adriy will be fourth in the striker pecking order. Maybe he should start concentrating on his crosses because hopefully the only position he'll be starting from anytime soon is left wing. I love the desire though and hope he continues his attitude and pushes everyone else to be their best.

* Steven Gerrard is a tired man and he should be. He's pretty much played football now for two years straight without much significant time off. The problem is he's getting married this Saturday and once the honeymoon is over, he's got two kids to come home to. Hopefully the team will excuse him from the Hong Kong tournament so he can get some rest.

* Apparently we're going after Fernando Torres. I have a hard time believing we're going to throw £30m+ at a 23-year-old Spanish striker who is unproven in the EPL, but whatever.

* Now this has to be a bunch of hogwash. If we're going for Diego Forlan and are willing to pay £16m for him, what the fuck is going on? Why the hell would we pay that much for a 28-year-old who has already flopped in the Premiership? Makes no sense what so ever.

* There's a lot of talk involving Craig Bellamy and West Ham lately. Fellow Welshman Danny Gabbidon thinks Bells would love it at Upton Park. While the Hammers have apparently offered Benayoun in a deal to bring Craig B there. I don't really get that one, I mean we already have more midfielders than we need as it is. Like I said put Bellamy + £15m on the table for Tevez and see what they say.

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