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Latest transfer blah

I'll admit my patience is wearing thin with us not adding any of the names that are going around, especially after Rafa expressed his disappointment in the board's lack of understanding about where the club stands. For certain players, like those in the La Liga, it's understandable, but from all the gibberish going around, you'd suspect that we'd at least have signed Malouda or Simão Sabrosa by now. Anyhow, here's the rundown:

Florent Malouda - There's no doubt there's interest from both sides here, even though Malouda and Lyon have both said that we haven't made a bid. Some may think he's worth more than the £10m that we have reportedly set aside for him, but I think it might be a bit too much. After all, he plays in Ligue 1. If we don't sign him, we have many other options, though I think he'd probably be the best answer for our left wing issues.

Simão Sabrosa - The second option at left wing, but probably the harder to sign, despite reports that he's as interested in coming here as much as we are interested in bringing him over. I'm pretty sure he'll cost more than Malouda, mainly because he's the captain at Benfica, and he is a year older. With that said though, he's also more versatile. The third option is not getting rid of Harry Kewell and keeping Adam Hammill on the squad, so I'd take either Malouda or Sabrosa, at least until the 19-year-old Hammill matures a little.

Dani Alves - Rumors are we've allocated £16m for the Sevilla right back. If the new owners are serious about building a contending squad, we have to sign him at all costs. There's just not that many other options except to rely on an aging Finnan and an unstable Arbeloa and the thought of doing that is a bit unsettling.

David Silva - One for the future that I don't necessarily think is a must sign, but would be some grand icing on the cake. He might actually be our true third option at left wing, but I don't think Valencia is ready to sell the 21-year-old.

Samuel Eto'o - We are not offering £40m for him, I can tell you that much, especially since it would cost us less to sign Tevez. I'm still not sure he'd be a great signing being unproven in the Premiership and the African Cup fiasco. There are other rumors going around that we're offering Xabi in on the deal. I hope not.

Leighton Baines - The young left back grew up a Liverpool fan, but it's reported that Wigan have put a very laughable £20m price tag on him. Not in a million years would anyone pay that much for him. There's no question he's got talent, but he's no world beater. I think £10m would be most we should bid, but hopefully we can get him for less. It'd be great if we could go ahead and sow our future at left back, but we have Riise and Aurelio for a couple of years if not and I'm more than confident that they can manage there.

Morten Gamst Pedersen - Another option at left wing and I actually wouldn't mind him instead of either Malouda, Simão Sabrosa, David Silva, or the Kewell/Hammill solution. I'm not saying he's better than any of those other players, but he's proven himself in the Premiership and he'd probably be the least expensive transfer of them all.

Carlos Tevez - All is quiet on the Tevez front and frankly that worries me. He said he'd rather stay in England and it's also reported that he'd rather not go to Chelsea. I'm hoping we've thrown £30m at West Ham already, but I have no clue. If we do not sign him, I consider this offseason a failure, even if we do add Eto'o.

Alessandro Faiolhe Amantino - Better known as Mancini. I don't get it, I'm not saying anything about his ability, but I just don't see him at Liverpool. In Rafa we trust?

Going the other way:

Momo Sissoko - Juventus has offered £8.5m for him. I would like to give him another year, but I have a feeling either him or Xabi will not be in a Liverpool kit next season and honestly, I'd rather keep Xabi. I doubt we'll sell him for only £8.5m though, I can't see him going for less than £10m.

Craig Bellamy - Aston Villa thinks the £10-12m price tag is too steep for the newly named captain of Wales. He won't go for less than £8m, I'm sure of that, and I'm starting to wonder if we might just keep him around.

Sami Hyypia - Not going anywhere and deservedly so.

Harry Kewell - For some reason other clubs think that Kewell will be a bargain buy, but I doubt he's going anywhere unless we get a couple of left wingers, but will anyone else want to come if we sign Malouda? I doubt it.

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