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The Daily Diatribe: A Holiday in Spain, Senior Alex's vote of confidence, UEFA is full of shit, & Playing as a team

* Sometime next week, Rafa is going to take the boys on a five day holiday to Spain to condition them for warm weather. We all know what happened the last time they did this type of thing, we beat Barcelona at Camp Nou. Oh yeah, and the tabloids had a field day printing still unproven lies. What will they think of this time? I can't wait, but I hope it's even more 'distracting'.

* Senior Alex, obviously annoyed that he failed in European play once again and Liverpool have not, has revealed that he's 'absolutely certain' Milan will win in Athens. Well, at least we won't have to make illegal deals with the other team not to start their first team keeper. No, we definitely want Dida in goal. Of course Senior Alex wants Milan to win, because if they don't, Man U's League title is quickly forgotten as yesterday's *yawn* story.

* UEFA said Liverpool is 'lucky' to get 17,000 tickets. Their reasoning? "In the World Cup final last year, French and Italian fans were only given 4,000 each." What? That doesn't make any sense at all, more people are bound to give a shit about the World Cup Final than the CL Final. 20,000 'UEFA officials and special guests?' Ridiculous. Just shut the fuck up.

* Earlier this season, Rafa said he would like two quality players at every position. We already have that in central midfield, with Xabi and Momo being the odd players out. Those two would probably start on most squads, but will most likely lose out to a fit Mascherano and Gerrard with us. Lately, it looks as if it has been effecting Alonso and Sissoko's play, which is never a good thing. Benitez has come out and said he has talked with both of them about where they stand with the club and they have accepted their roles. Even though, I expect there to be a lot of talk of Xabi and maybe Momo going elsewhere this summer.

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