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The Occasional Diatribe: Carra & Gerrard want Owen back plus enough transfer news to make your head explode

* Stevie-G and Jamie Carragher have asked Rafa to bring Michael Owen back. Please tell me this is a joke. Owen wanted out and he got his wish. He wanted to play for a 'bigger club.' Why would we bring him back? On top of that, he's injury prone, has lost pace and honestly, with what's left of him, you basically have a poor man's Dirk Kuyt. This is not like bringing Robbie Fowler back, Owen is in no way held in as high esteem as God. Gillett and Hicks are also interested in bringing Owen back. I'm pretty sure Rafa doesn't want him, hopefully he will hold his ground and sign some of the eighty billion players that are linked to us.

* Speaking of which, here are the latest players we are reportedly going after:
Matty Taylor - We've put in a £5 million bid to Portsmouth for him. I don't see him displacing Riise as the regular left back, but he'd be great to have around for insurance purposes and the occasional start, especially in Cup games. For some reason though, I just don't see it happening.
Simao Sabrosa - Yep, we're still interested in the Portuguese left winger and we're willing to throw Cisse in the deal. I wonder if we don't get him this time, will this rumor ever die?
Florent Malouda - Yes, another left winger. He'd be an interesting purchase. Not sure if I would rate him as World Class, but he's pretty damn good.
Samuel Eto'o - Yeah, well, though I would love to have Eto'o, there's a problem. The 2008 African Cup Finals will be played from January 20th to February 10th in Ghana, and Cameroon, who Eto'o plays for, will more than likely go far into that tournament. Who knows how many and what kind of matches Eto'o will miss. I just don't think spending £20m for a guy who won't be available for the whole season is worth it. Especially when someone like Tévez is available.
Carlos Alberto Tévez - I think signing Tévez would be the best move and we should do so at all costs. We've got his buddy Mascherano, who loves it here, and Tévez has said he'd like to stay in England. Our off season success will be based on whether or not we sign him.

* If we can buy everyone on the list above, plus Dani Alves, we'll win the Premiership, the Champion's League, and the FA Cup. It's ultimately up to the new owners, are they willing to fork out the £100m+ for Rafa to go get what he needs. We'll see, but first we need to sell Anthony Le Tallec and whomever else we're going to get rid of and then see what's left. Aston Villa want both Bellamy and Kewell and if they are willing to give us £12m for the both of them, I say sell 'em.

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