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Bellamy rescues Wales

And it couldn't have come at a better time.

On a day where Benitez announced that Bellamy's price is £12m, Bells stepped up and scored a brace to prevent Wales from enduring an embarrassing loss to New Zealand at the Wrexham Racehorse Ground.

I'm sure this will lead to some speculation about Bellamy's absence from the Champion's League final against AC Milan, but if anyone who had seen his recent performances, would know why. He had the opportunity to carry the team in matches against lesser opponents and failed to be a factor. It's his own fault and consequentially will result in his exit.

£12m is a bit steep, if I'm not stating the obvious, especially when you consider we only paid £6m for him. I suspect we will accept £8m for him, if we can even get that. Blackburn has already offered £6m. I wonder if we will keep him if no one offers an acceptable deal? I kind of doubt it. If so, he'd probably be the most expensive reserve player in the Premiership.

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