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What? Nothing better to write about it?

On the eve of our seventh European Cup final, the media has decided that it's a grand time to talk about the players who will not be in a Liverpool kit next year. I guess they couldn't top fabricated golf club attacks that produce invisible bruises and imaginary police reports. Go figure. Anyhow, it would be no surprise to anyone, including the players themselves if their future's are found elsewhere. Since I slept a grand total of two hours last night and expect about that much tonight, let's run down the list of these players.

Robbie Fowler
So long and thanks for all the fish.

Craig Bellamy
Since Camp Nou his contributions have been little and none. He's more than likely gone, but I wonder how long we'll keep him around for insurance purposes just in case none of our other options pan out.

Mark Gonzalez & Harry Kewell
Here's the thing, I don't see us getting rid of both of them if either. If we send Gonzo out on loan, I don't see how we can get rid of Kewell. A wide left midfielder is one of our top signing priorities this summer, but we need to keep one of these guys around for insurance purposes. I hate that we might have to wait and see if Kewell stays fit through the summer as he plans on playing for Australia in the Asian Cup. The other option is bringing Adam Hammill on, which I would love, but I'm not Rafa and have no clue whether he's ready for the Premiership or not.

Bolo Zenden
I think Bolo has earned another year for in the least being versatile and a team player. Wouldn't be surprised to see him gone though, especially with Leto and Lucas joining the squad and Danny Guthrie coming back.

Sami Hyypia
I just don't see any of our younger centre backs (Jack Hobbs, Godwin Antwi, Ronald Huth, Jay Spearing, James Smith, & Miki Roque) being ready for the EPL and I think Sami has played well enough recently to garner at least another year. Of course signing Milito would change everything.

Jerzy Dudek
Bags are already packed.

Scott Carson
He says he doesn't want to be a backup. I don't think he'll have a choice. He should still get around 20 starts next year and then when Bouzanis is eligible, we can part ways.

Xabi Alonso
I don't think anyone wants to see Xabi go, but it's truly up to him. He can opt out of his contract this summer and I think it's going to have a lot to do with how much he plays in Athens.

Momo Sissoko
I firmly believe that injuries have hurt Momo's confidence more than anything, but that can be a double-edged sword. If he continues to be injury prone, is he really worth keeping around? I think we're damned if we keep it and damned if we don't. With his value still pretty high based on potential alone, maybe we should sell him and pay that we never have to face him down the road.

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