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Player ratings for the year (pt 3): Forwards

Dirk Kuyt C+
It's too bad you can't teach pace, because if you could, Kuyt would probably be the best forward in the Premiership next year. I put off a lot of his troubles, mainly finishing and his occasional disappearing acts, to not being used to the physical nature and quickness required to succeed in the EPL, but if he did figure it out at all, it was definitely in his second to last league game against Wigan, where he scored two goals. The first one he used his strength to maintain position in the box, finishing nicely with a header, and the other he quickly gathered the ball in the box, turned about, and blasted it into the far side of the net. More of that next year, please. I also liked the great relationship he formed with Pennant on the field culminating in the Wigan header goal and the game-winning Portsmouth header. He is seemingly tireless, a great team player, appears to have good vision, and makes good decisions on the ball. I'm hoping he'll improve vastly next year and barring injury, I doubt he won't.

Peter Crouch C-
I'm not a Crouchy fan, never have been and probably never will be. Even if he did what I've been crying for him to do for a long time, I would probably still find faults in his game and exemplify them constantly. Why can't he just do what he did in the Arsenal match and keep his touches to a minimum? Why does he have to try and be a midfielder? If he can keep it under three touches at most, he'd be fine, but no, he just can't. He's not a great passer, occasionally he'll make a great pass, but rarely, most of the time he just turns it over. Next to Gerrard, he's the next best finisher on the squad, and he should just sit around the box and wait to use that ability. His pace makes Kuyt look like an Olympic sprinter, so there's little need for him to be all over the field. Ugh. I'm done.

Craig Bellamy C-
If everyday was like Camp Nou, Bellamy would probably be our Player of the Year. Unfortunately, everyone has there ups and downs, and Bells has had way too many downs. In fact, since Camp Nou, he's done little if nothing, but run around like the Headless Horseman in search of his noggin'. His pace is undeniable, but his finishing and decisions on the ball are questionable. It's too bad, but I have a feeling Craig B's days in a Liverpool kit are over.

Robbie Fowler C+
It's sad to see 'God' go, but his pace from even last year has dropped off significantly. In some matches this year, he was completely invisible, and when he missed what quite possibly could have been the easiest goal of his career against Portsmouth, I cringed. I just couldn't believe he missed such an easy finish. Anyhow, 7 goals (10 starts, 13 late game subs) in limited action isn't all at that bad. I'm very curious to see where he'll end up.

Nabil El Zhar N/A
The only thing I have to say about El Zhar is that it must suck to come on as a sub and not have any clue where you're supposed to play.

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