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The Once-in-a-while Diatribe: Gonzo gone?, Ancelotti's two cents, Riise sounds off, & a funny definiton of revenge

* Gonzo has accepted the fact that his days in a Liverpool kit are numbered. With Kewell back, Garcia coming back next season, Bolo probably coming back for one more year, and Voronin joining the squad, I'd say there's a great chance he'll be sent out on loan and a good chance he'll be sold. He had his chance to improve and did not, there's not more I can say about that.

* What the hell is Ancelotti talking about? "On a technical level, they are the worst of the three English teams to reach this season’s semi-finals (Chelsea were the third team)... Milan will always have a strong Italian quality because, even with foreigners like Kaka and Seedorf, we remain true to our influences, philosophy and beliefs... But Liverpool don't have an English DNA any more." That's some of the worse shit-talking/analysis I have ever heard, hopefully lost in translation. He does go on to add: "But that does not mean I would have chosen to be playing them in next week’s final. I would have preferred Manchester United." Does he have any clue how he's going to prepare for this match?

* Riise doesn't think Kewell is ready to start. And the more I think about it, the more I doubt he will, but he'll definitely come on at some point.

* Riise also gave his analysis of the CL Final. Trust me, it's, uh, riveting.

* Finally, I just can't get over all those revenge bullshit AC Milan is spewing. You guys blew the game, revenge is not what you should be looking for, redemption is. You should redeem yourself for not playing the full match and thinking it was over by the half.

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