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Player ratings for the Year (Pt 2): Midfielders

Steven Gerrard B-
Another solid season from the best player in the world. He had his ups and downs, but for the most part was consistently in control of nearly every match he played. Some may think that his 11 goals in all competitions would make a disappointing year, but he's so much more than a scorer. Deservingly he's about to become the highest paid Brit in the EPL and we have yet to see him make his mark on the season, but then again, we still have that one game left.

Xabi Alonso C
Not a standout season for the Spaniard and frankly, I expect more. He had an uncharacteristic slump late in the year and that's probably taking a toll on my rating here, but it was very un-Xabi like. He's still the best Spanish midfielder in the EPL despite anyone's claims that his good friend, Mikel Arteta, has surpassed him.

Mark Gonzales C-
Just did not develop at all during the year. Very disappointing, especially with his pace. Needs to watch footage of Pennant and Kewell to learn how to play the wing.

Jermaine Pennant B
A definite candidate for transfer/new player of the year and even player of the year to some extent, the 24-year-old Arsenal reject consistently burned his former team in the EPL Anfield match, especially that 'speedy' Clichy. He also set up the winning header for Kuyt at Portsmouth among countless other goals where his touch was vital. Overall, he was very impressive, probably the most exciting player on our team to watch. It was midly amusing to see opposing defenses starting to pay him an exorbitant amount of attention as the year went on considering how much we were ridiculed for paying £6.7m for him. If he can improve over the summer, especially with utilizing more of the right side of the field by becoming comfortable with cutting inside at times, he's got the right wing locked up for us for years to come.

Javier Mascherano B
Speaking of transfer/new player of the year, had Masche come at the start of the season, he would probably be a lock for the award. How West Ham couldn't find a spot for him is just laughable, he's been pretty dominant and makes great decisions on the ball. We need to lock him up for years to come and also try to get him to bring his buddy Tevez over.

Momo Sissoko C-
A pretty disappointing season for Momo. I'm not sure if it was the injuries or the arrival of Mascherano but his confidence seemed to plummet as the year went on. His tackling was not all that bad, but his decisions on the ball were, well, pathetic. Maybe we should sell him now while his value is so high.

Bolo Zenden C+
I'm not the biggest Bolo fan in the world, in fact, I cringe nearly every time I see his name in the starting eleven, but I have to admit, as the year went on, he definitely started to play better especially in the Chelsea CL semifinal ties (and yes, I know the stats). People have to remember that he's coming off an injury and needs time to regain his confidence, which I think he did when he shook the net on that first PK against Cech.

Luis Garcia C-
If every match was a Champion's League match, Luis Garcia would arguably be the best player in the world. Unfortunately, that's not the case, and for the most part, despite the rare goal in an EPL tie, he makes a lot of foolish decisions on the ball. With that said, I'll be glad when we get him back, he's provides us even more depth on the wings and at forward, I just wish he'd be smarter on the ball.

Danny Guthrie N/A
Was solid in the two games he came off the bench and his one start and will be looking forward to seeing more of him in the future. He has gained nothing but praise from Southampton manager George Burley, for whom he's playing on loan.

Harry Kewell N/A
Looks great after recovering from sceptic arthritis, but really didn't play enough to warrant a grade. Was really impressive in the Charlton match and hopefully his form will continue into the CL Final.

Forwards tomorrow. Thanks.

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