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The CL Final Squad: Who will be the odd man out?

Eighteen roster spots and nineteen fit players makes Rafa's life a whole lot easier. The question is who he'll leave behind. Keeper is set (Reina and either Padelli or Dudek), we only have six players on defense that a manager in his right mind would send (Agger, Carra, Riise, Arbeloa, Hyypia, and Finnan), and Momo is injured, leaving seven midfielders and four strikers to fill the final ten spots.

There's little doubt that Gerrard, Mascherano, Pennant, Xabi, Kuyt, and Crouch will be excluded, leaving four spots left. I don't see how he can leave Fowler behind and Bolo has earned a spot as well with his recent form.

That leaves two spots with Bellamy, Kewell, and Gonzo to go. Tactically, it would be stupid to start Bolo on the left if we have Kewell or Gonzales because Zenden can come in and play any number of positions, while those two are limited to the left. I know Kewell hasn't played much be he's less of a liability than Gonzo, we cannot waste possession after possession by having Gonzo run down the left and make nothing of the play or just turn it over.

Finally, after Camp Nou, even though his recent form has been subpar, Bellamy deserves to at least be on the bench. He probably won't play, but he has earned that much. I feel bad for Gonzo, but he has not improved at all this year. He tries way too hard to outrun his opponent rather than outwit them, and that ultimately should cost him a spot.

My starting eleven:

Here's to number six.

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