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Lucas is coming?

Brazilian up-and-comer Lucas Pezzini Leiva has been recently linked to a €10 million move to Liverpool. The highly rated defensive midfielder is currently playing for Gremio in the Brazilian Série A, the former club of Ronaldinho. Not sure how much this move makes sense and given the source, I hold little truth to it. Given that he's only twenty and he plays a position already occupied by Mascherano, Sissoko, and Xabi to some extent, it's doubtful that if he does sign on, that he'll see the pitch anytime soon. I'm sure if Mascherano continues his current form, we'll try to keep him for a long, long time. I have speculated in the past whether or not Xabi wants to go elsewhere, but we'll probably need to keep him another year just to give Lucas some time to adapt to the English game via reserves, limited appearances, or loan, though he does look as if he could already handle the physicality. Sissoko's future is looking more grim almost by the week. He has apparently injured himself again and won't be available for this week's match against Charlton. If we can't count on Momo to be consistently fit, what's the point of having him around. Anyhow, I've wasted enough time on a rumor. For kicks, here's a video of Lucas. Not that impressive, but he is a defensive midfielder yet the person who made the video shows him mostly on the attack. Go figure.

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