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Jermaine Pennant is class

Not world class, mind you, but he's a game changer. Came on in the 65th minute for a worn out and utterly useless Crouch and played brilliantly, bringing the ball forward with determination, rarely losing possession, and consistently threatening to break Reading's backline. His game-winning cross to Kuyt was the perfect ending for his tremendous effort.

Arbeloa's goal was class as well. Great finish, especially from a defender. He played well early, but seemed to fade late.

Carragher was great as well. He really made up for Hyypia, who seemed as if he's never played a match in his life. Carra was everywhere, clearing the ball left and right, using any legal part of his body to do so. Sissoko and Mascherano were both very up and down. Momo got better as the game progressed and Masch was assaulted left and right by Reading, though the ref rarely saw it.

Of course the ref and his two retarded assistants didn't see a lot of things. The offside on the Reading goal and Bellamy getting taken down in the box shortly after to name two. If Liverpool had drawn, I would have been irate. They were completely incompetent.

At first, I questioned the taken off of Bellamy, but I think Rafa didn't want him to go ballistic after getting elbowed in the face, which wasn't called by the way, and the non-penalty. Bells did not look happy about being substituted off, but I didn't see him overreact or say anything to Rafa. Hopefully the victory will be enough to cool him off. I don't think he played bad at all, better than Crouch at least, but he rarely got the ball.

In conclusion, this game was hardly a dominate display, Carra's determination pretty much kept the ball out of the goal, and deserved man of the match. I hope Rafa learns from this match and decides not to play Masch and Sissoko together unless he plays five in the middle. We need to play Pennant more, he proves himself game in and game out, how Gonzo gets more playing I'll never understand.

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