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The Daily Diatribe: Paul Robinson is shite

I just watched a pathetic goal by Richard Carvalho* trickle past England's #1. He was a few yards out of position and reacted slower than a three-toed sloth. And this is England's #1. McClaren may not be the man for the job, but neither is Robinson. David James, Ben Foster, can John O'Shea please be eligible for England?

Also, Mido is shite, but I think every Hotspur fan knows that by now. What is Jol thinking teaming Defoe with Mido? Is he trying to make Defoe look bad? I think Jermaine's on his way out of there and we would be more than happy to take him. He seems to play well with Gerrard on the English National Team anyhow.

This post has little to do with Liverpool and I apologize, but my second love, and first curse, is England, and I just could not hold that one back. You're comments on anything, what you had for breakfast, how many girls you banged last night, who killed JR, are welcome. Gracias, ciao, and have a glorious Saturday.

* I would just like to make a sincere apology to all my Portuguese fans out there for calling Ricardo Alberto Silveira Carvalho, Richard. I feel really bad about it. Lord Percy Percy is a great player. The greatest player to ever play the game in fact. Thank you and don't go fuck yourself.

Because I care.

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