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The Daily Diatribe: Cops?! We don't need no stinkin' cops!, Pissed off old men, Sweet talkin' Eto'o, & Michael Owen coming back?

* Man U fans may have required police assistance to get their heads busted open as they 'slept' in the stands in Rome, but we Liverpool fans do it the hard way. We like to fly through the air like Superman.

* The Masters Cup starts today. That's not to be confused with the Masters, which also begins today. One is a golf tournament played in Augusta, Georgia, by the world's top pros, while the other is a football tournament played in Dubai where old men, uh, I mean legends, represent their former clubs. This year's tournament features teams from Liverpool FC, Man U, Celtic, and Rangers. Liverpool is the defending Champ and John Barnes wants to keep it that way. Team Captain Alan Kennedy wants to win so bad that he probably won't even play himself. Now that's what I call knowing what's best for your club.

* Eto'o is whispering sweet nothings. Literally. He ends his admittance of love for our club by reiterating his commitment to Barca. What a tease.

* I read in an article that Glen Roeder 'scoffed' at the speculation that we were interested in reacquiring Michael Owen. I would link the article but it's only like two sentences and the rest of it is about whether or not Britney Spears like sailor boys. Anyhow, no, hell no, Michael Owen had his chance, he didn't want to be here and he's not welcome back.

* Finally, here's a nice write-up from an Arsenal fan, of all people, about our style of play in contrast to their's. It fails to mention anything about how good lookin' of a team we are though compared to their squad. Oh well.

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