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What will Rafa do?

No time to do the award-winning blamsho bit, I know you're disappointed, but I'll make up for it somehow. Anyhow here's my line-up for the day:

Riise - Agger - Carra - Finnan
Gonzales - Mascherano - Alonso - Gerrard
Kuyt - Crouch

Bench: Bellamy, Aurelio, Arbeloa, Pennant, Dudek

I keep thinking Gerrard will start from the bench, but I'm tired of trying to predict when. Sissoko's suspended. Bellamy's apparently knocked up a little from the international ties, but I think he'll be ready to go for at least a late game sub. If Gerrard gets tired, we'll have Pennant to come on and God help us, if we get an injury or fatigue on defense, Arbeloa and Aurelio will be there to fill in.

I'm beginning to wonder if we really need Dudek in case Reina would happen to not be able to continue? I don't know... we could use that spot for another player, maybe Hyypia? He could at least play defense if needed.

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