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The Daily Diatribe: £40m?! That's a joke, right?

rafaWord is Rafa is to receive £40m for transfers this coming summer. £40m?! I honestly don't think that's going to be enough to challenge for the Premiership anytime soon. £50M maybe, £60m definitely, but certainly not £40m. What will that get us? A world-class striker (Eto'o or Villa) and maybe a right wing-back (Daniel Alves), but that's about it. One might think that would be enough to challenge for the title next season, but I kind of doubt it.

Unfortunately another of our weaknesses is soon going to be the middle as Carra ages. Hyypia pretty much already has one foot out the door and it doesn't look as if any of our youngsters are quite ready to step up. Paletta has failed to impress and I'm not sure how long it will be until Godwin Antwi, Jack Hobbs, or Miki Roque mature to the Premiership level, if they ever will. Left back is solid for now with Riise backed by Aurelio. Riise's only 26 and Aurelio is amazingly 27, he's seems so much younger. Steve Finnan is the best right wing back in the league, period. The problem is, how many years does he have left? He'll be 31 in 3 weeks. Arbeloa is there to back him up now, but Arbeloa is also there to back up Carra and he can't be in two places at once.

I have just one concern when it comes to midfield. Pennant is our right winger for years to come, Gerrard can play over there if needed, and hopefully Adam Hammill will be back on loan from Dunfermline next year. Central midfield is overflowing with the likes of Gerrard, Xabi, Sissoko, and Mascherano, not to mention a plethora of youngsters waiting to break in, lead by Danny Guthrie. The left is the riddle we will need to solve soon.

It would be nice if Harry Kewell would come back better than ever and give us at least a couple of more productive years, but I'm not putting an ounce of hope in that one. It would be even better if Gonzo learned to be a little bit more under control. His speed is undeniable and it does benefit the team defensively at times, but his offensive leaves a lot to be desired. It as if he has no clue what to do with the ball when he brings it up field, which usually results in a turnover. The other answer is Luis Garcia, but he's so turnover prone and seemingly set in his ways to try and make the spectacular play, that I would much rather have someone more conservative and use Luisy as a versatile sub or emergency starter since he can play forward and any midfield position.

So for us to win the Premiership next season we're going to need a solid centre-back and a class left winger (if my Kewell dream doesn't come true) along with a world-class striker and a right wing-back, but for £40m? Not gonna happen.

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