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Portsmouth 2, Liverpool 0: Halftime thoughts, or I took a big dump and this is what it look like

Crappy Zenden is officially back. I'm not sure what position he started at, but he's just getting in other people's way and making horrid passes. Not to mention blasting the ball from 35 yards out, but turning it over at the top of the box. I can't wait until he's gone, he worked his way back into my good graces and then took a big ole dump all over me. "I'm covered in shit!"

Can we get some leadership please? You'd figure between Fowler, Xabi, and Hyypia, one of them would step up, but Fowler's too busy picking lint off the ref, Hyypia's taking naps, and Xabi's got a chip on his shoulder that's weighing him down so much, he can barely move from a ten meter area. Unfortunately, most of that area is in our half.

Speaking of Xabi, what's up with our attitudes? Gonzo doesn't look like he really wants to play at all. The only guy out there, other than the youngsters, who even remotely looks like he's having a good time is Bellamy, and we know that's not a good sign.

Again, our problems seem to be the same whomever we put out there: spacing, positioning, lack of communication, and a lack of teamwork. Why the fuck am I watching this game? Flys on shit have more team coordination than we do.

I realize this is a 'throw away' game, but the energy and enthusiasm we came out with was drastically different than recent fixtures, it was optimistic for a change, but that went to shit in less than twenty minutes. Put on Jack Hobbs and El Zhar, let's see what they can do.

Finally, Dudek... he makes a great save and then follows up with a huge mistake. Get the man some Prozac or put on Padelli.

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