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Why do I have a feeling our season is over?

Maybe it's because I'm sitting here listening to depressing music. There's nothing like some Jackson Browne to kick that chair from underneath you as the rope caresses your neck.

I just don't see it happening. Yesterday's match was pathetic. I don't think this team has it in them to dig deep and pull out a big win. We lack the belief that we can beat anybody that led us to the trophy two years ago. I can't envision Steven Gerrard doing what he did in the FA Cup Final last year, next Tuesday, nor do I hope we need such a performance.

Call it a hunch, but I think there are some unhappy players in the Liverpool locker room. The two that come to mind are Xabi and Sissoko, and I think it's shown on the field. Xabi has played like crap in his last few matches and yesterday was no exception. I think Rafa needs to sit him down and ask him what the problem is, and if he wants out this summer, let him go now. If he's going to be a cancer and play like crap, send him home.

Sissoko has had up-and-down performances since returning from injury. His destroying cohort, Mascherano, with the exception of yesterday's match, has been phenomenal. Though it looks as if he might need a game off. Momo might feel as if his playing time will be in slow decline as long as Masch is around. I hope Momo doesn't want to leave, but if he does, it's the perfect time, as his value is very high on potential alone.

I hate to do this, but if I have to throw someone under the bus for yesterday's loss, it's got to be Gerrard. He flat out refused to play his role on the right and consistently came inside. If I were Rafa, I'd sit him the next two games, including the return match with Chelsea. That does two things. First, it says no one is above the team, and second, it says that Rafa believes we can win without one player. Steven Gerrard is a tremendous player, my personal favorite, but he's not above the team. We have enough talent to win without him, even against cash-money Chelsea.

Rafa used to take risks, but recently he's gotten stale. He needs to dust off his balls and do something that makes us think he's out of his fucking mind again. Sit Gerrard, if we lose, we lose as a team. I can live with that.

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