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Chelsea 1, Liverpool 0: the postgame reactions

Benitez is counting on the Anfield crowd: "Now we look forward to Anfield and the chance to play in front of our own fans. We have confidence because we know we're a good team, we know we can score goals and we know we can beat them. We'll need to be careful because we know how dangerous they can be on the counter-attack. I don't know what each side's chances are of going through now, I just know we can still do it."

He's done this before, let's just hope it works again. I'm having very negative thoughts about this match and recently I've been pretty good about my predictions. I see Chelsea coming away with a very calculated 1-0 win at Anfield. Let's just hope I'm wrong.

Jose's reaction: "I don't understand why we don't have penalties when they are so clear. I don't think anybody can say it was not a penalty. It's happening and happening and happening. It's a big chance for 2-0 - and 2-0 is a completely different game. I hope after the second leg we are not crying again about a big decision, like two years ago. I hope we do enough not to look back."

A penalty? What kind of crack is he smoking. Did it hit Arbeloa's hand? Yes. Did it matter? Did it prevent Chelsea from scoring? No. You don't call a handball there. No ref would ever call that. A lot of refs would have given Drogba a yellow for his ridiculous antics though.

"I hope after the second leg we are not crying again about a big decision, like two years ago." What a wanker. Get over it. Already looking for gifts instead of trying to win it fair and square like Liverpool did two years ago. Not crying again? When did you stop?

If I get some good Drogba/Chelsea quotes I'll post them as well, but most LFC players are pretty optimistic about the second leg. They, like Benitez, are hoping the fans are a major factor. I'm hoping Rafa finds his balls again and takes some risks.

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