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Chelsea 1, Liverpool 0: First half thoughts

Like I said, Joe Cole worries me.

Riise is playing like shit.

If our offense is going to go through Zenden, we're fucked.

Gerrard may have started on the right, but I'd be damned if he's staying there. It's forcing Arbeloa to come up and that gives us six midfielders and with our positioning and spacing, that's two too many.

I expect us to come out with longer-spiked cleats in the second half. You could tell Chelsea knew the field was going to be soaked since I don't think I saw one of their players slip. While we're falling down left and right. It's an old trick, but if you're going to do it, you better get more than one goal.

Other than that, if we can somehow keep it 1-0, I'll be happy.