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The Daily Diatribe: Delusional Dudek, Milestones & records, Essien is the new old JP, & another 'Mourinho is crazy' story

* I will always be appreciative of Jerzy Dudek and his amazing Champion League's final performance, his first half was forgettable but the second half and beyond was arguably one of the greatest displays of all time. The save on Shevy's put back attempt in extra time will forever be etched in my mind, but unfortunately, despite his last game being a decent effort resulting in a clean sheet against Sheffield United at Anfield in February, the two cup losses at home, especially the 6-3 defeat, to Arsenal was the last straw. What I don't understand is why he's kicking and screaming on his way out the door? First he said he told Rafa he was leaving which I'm sure was answered with a shoulder shrug and an ambiguous 'okay'. Then he says no respectable keeper would want to come here and sit on the bench behind Reina. Okay, Dudek, we get your point, see ya later.

* Saturday's match with Wigan was Pepe Reina's 100th in a Liverpool kit and his 55th career clean sheet, a Liverpool record. Not bad for the best keeper in the world. It was also Riise's 300th match for Liverpool. It brings up the question of who was Houllier's best signing? Riise is definitely one of the candidates, along with Hyypia, Igor Biscan, Finnan, and Kewell, but I'd have to go with Hamann. Finally, tomorrow's tie at Stamford Bridge will put Jamie Carragher atop the LFC Europe list of games played alongside Ian Callaghan. It will be his 89th.

* If you don't know by now, you probably live in Kazakhstan, but Michael Essien, arguably Chelsea's best player, was arrested for drinking and driving in the wee hours of Monday morning. Sometimes distractions are good, like say for instance Liverpool's woes before the Nou Camp match, and some distractions aren't. Essien is out for the first leg of the CL semifinal due to suspension.

* And finally, there's this. Mourinho apparently hid in a laundry basket to be able to coach his team during their Champion's League quarter-final match with Bayern Munich two years ago. Due to suspension, he was supposed to be barred from any contact with his players during the match, but used his pink panther ways to sneak into the locker room, watch the game on a television, and give his players halftime advice. Then he got back into the laundry basket to make his great escape. What a quack job.

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