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The Daily Diatribe: Bells is back, Our Man U curse continues, & 'Oh, you silly little Chelsea fans'

* Craig Bellamy will be fit and ready to play tomorrow against Wigan. Just in the nick of time. Crouch has been playing too much lately and we don't need to burn out Kuyt. I have a feeling Fowler will get more playing time in the Premiership if we win Saturday, so we can keep Kuyt and Bells fresh for the Champion's League. Whether Bellamy plays on Saturday or not is anybody's guess, but I don't know if I can take another game of Crouchinho.

* Our bad luck streak against Man U continued yesterday as our reserve squad lost 1-0 at Wrexham's Racecourse Ground. The squad which featured many players from our youth team apparently blew many chances in the second half to equalize including a Jack Hobbs header that hit the bar. Chris Eagles, who you might remember as the player from the Man U vs. Europe XI match who was foolish enough to think he was on Gerrard's level and got embarrassingly tossed aside, scored the lone goal on a free kick. This is the third straight match where we outplayed the Mancs and went down in defeat. Hopefully we'll get to play them two more times and exact revenge in both ties.

* I read this article this morning about Chelsea going after Alves. Chelsea fans crack me up. The writer of the article refers to Liverpool as a 'small club'. If Liverpool's a 'small club' than Chelsea is a gnat turd. Here's a club that has wrestled with futility throughout most of it's existence. They've won a total of three Premiership/First Divison titles, the last two not through the traditional building of a club but by an unlimited amount of spending, and they've never won the Champion's League nor the UEFA Cup. Last time I checked, Liverpool is part of the G14 and Chelsea is not. Blues fans might possibly be the most delusional fans in all of Europe. Players don't sign with Chelsea because of tradition, they sign to get overpaid. We have Steven Gerrard, you have Frank Lampard. Enough said.

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