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Highlights from the Arsenal dismantling

After sobering up and thinking a little about this match, I have a few questions and came to a few conclusions. First, I heard Clichy was fast. I've never really noticed before, but he got burnt by Pennant a couple of times.

Speaking of JP, I'm sure Wenger would like to have him back. His form has been superb since about the beginning of December and has definitely proved his weight in pounds.

Why was Gerrard on the pitch? We didn't need him and I thought he looked tired and out of form. I hope Benitez gives him a couple of games off in the near future. The last thing we need at this point is losing Stevie-G.

Where was Momo? I'm gonna have to hear Rafa's reason for not playing him. Hopefully it was not due to injury.

The Man of the Match was definitely Crouch. I'm not a very big Crouch fan and even less of a fan of strikers in general, but his finish on the last goal put him over the top. It was nice to finally have someone on the field who could finish and Crouchy's footwork on the last goal was world-class. Aurelio, Pennant, Mascherano, and Arbeloa all deserve special recognition as well. It was an overall great team effort.

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