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The Daily Diatribe: Bells still out, Rafa gives Real some reality, Bolton want Cisse, & Crouch wants to stay

* I apologize for not posting for the last few days, but honestly, I just haven't felt like it. I didn't have electricity for three days and on top of that I took a fall that culminated in a trip to the emergency room to treat a potentially broken nose (fortunately, it was not), a fractured hand (once again, thankfully, it was not), a minor concussion (this turned out to be the worse of it), and many minor scraps and bruises. I was very fortunate not to be injured worse. Also, with the pathetic display on Saturday and the FA Youth Cup loss at home to Man U on Monday, I really wasn't 'pumped' to write about my club. Enough of the crap, onward and upward.

* Craig Bellamy will not be fit today for Middlesborough. I hope this isn't one of those injuries that is worse than what was not thought first. We're going to need him this weekend. Speaking of injured players, Harry Kewell, where are you?

* Apparently, despite Real Madrid upping their offer for our skipper, Rafa is not going anywhere. Why would he? With the time and effort he is putting in to build this club to be elite for years to come, it would seem like a waste of time to go elsewhere and start over. Not to mention, his family enjoys living in Liverpool, and no father wants the wrath of an unhappy wife and daughter.

* Bolton is looking to buy Djibril Cisse. Seems like Sam Allardyce likes to take on all our headcases. It would seem to me though, that £8m is a bit much for him. Even Cisse himself admits, 'He's no Superman.' Wow, what humility, no wonder we don't want him back.

* Crouch keeps reiterating his desire to stay with Liverpool. Well, dude, if you start playing more like a striker and stop trying to be a midfielder, some of us might change our minds about wanting you to stay. Honestly, though, I'd rather keep Bells, the seemingly other odd man out, and bring in a world class striker.

* Finally, Don Hutchison still plays football. Who knew?

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