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The Daily Diatribe: 'A Spaniard? Linked to Liverpool?!', 'AC Milan wants revenge?', 'Micah Richards out?', 'An early return for Bells?'

* It was the question marks, wasn't it? Admit it, you're a whore for a question mark. I knew it. Anyhow, Gabri, the versatile midfielder for Ajax Amsterdam claims that he and Rafa had a 'chit-chat' and that a move to Liverpool 'was not part of the conversation.' Sure, buddy, I understand you don't want to be our back-up plan if we can't get Alves this summer (he can play right fullback too, people), but let's not kid ourselves. Did you think Rafa called you to talk about the weather?

* AC Milan wants revenge for the 2005 Champion's League final defeat at the hands of LFC. Hmmm... I don't think that's the proper word for it. How about 'redemption'? Personally, if we get past Chelsea, I'd rather play Man U. We have a score to settle with the Child Killers.

* Micah Richards will not be available for tomorrow's clash at Man City. And guess what? Didi Hamann will. Yes! Though I have to say, he hasn't looked so good this year. Watch him make me eat my words, dirty German bastard.

* Bellamy could be back as early as the Middlesborough match next Wednesday. Good, hopefully he'll play and give Kuyt a rest, I would prefer Dirk be fit and ready to play at Chelsea. I think Bellamy might be a little volatile at Stamford Bridge and the last thing we need is for his temper to get the best of him at this point in the season.

* I didn't notice it myself, but during Wednesday's match, a friend of mine told me that Robbie Fowler grabbed the balls of a PSV player who was 'hugging' him in the box. She apparently texted her brother in Ireland to see if he saw it, of which he responded: 'Legend, imagine getting 'touched' by the hand of God.' Brilliant.

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