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Sometimes I'm just ashamed to be a Liverpool fan is at it again, though this time I don't really have any beef with the site, but instead, I'm hugely disappointed in my fellow fans. The site has a vote up asking us fans who we would like to play in the next round and PSV Eindhoven is so far the overwhelming leader with nearly twice as many votes as the number two, Valencia. There's no other reason to explain it other than PSV Eindhoven is probably the 'easiest' draw. (No offense to them or their fans, but let's be honest with ourselves.)

What kind of crap is that? It's borderline cowardly. I mean, I understand why Chelsea is last, not because we fear them, but we're just kind of tired of always playing them. I don't care who we play because if they're good enough and we advance, we're going to have to play them anyhow. Valencia was second on the list for similar reasons as well, that being Rafa's experience with the club. Then you have Roma, a little bit of history there, but again, not exactly the strongest side left in this competition.

A lot of people were happy when we drew Benfica last year and we all know what happened then. Have we already forgotten 2005 where we drew Juventus and Chelsea, respectively. I have a feeling fate is going rear it's ugly head and we'll get AC Milan. Good. And if it's Man U, so be it. We can beat anybody, we proved it by taking out Barca. Bring'em on. It's the Champion's League Trophy for God's sake, not the 'kinda good' League Trophy.

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