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Don't get me wrong, it didn't win 2006 Sports Site of the Year for nothing. It's interface and structure is easily one of the most user-friendly, especially among football sites, but their content is sometimes just a little too rah-rah. Today they have two pundits, Paul Tomkins, a site regular, and Jethro Soutar, the author of Ronaldinho: Football's Flamboyant Maestro, debate who's the greater player, Gerrard or Ronaldinho. Though the article in itself isn't that bad, then they let the fans vote who's better. Ridiculous. Currently it stands:

Gerrard 6327
Ronaldinho 305

Wow, go figure.

Also, today they have an article about Robbie Fowler and his support for the 'Keep your eye on the ball' campaign, an initiative designed to raise awareness of testicular and prostate cancer. There's nothing funny about cancer of any kind, but the front page of their website is pretty funny.