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Spare the Rod my Arse

spankinSometimes the childrenz need a good beatin' and today, the 'youngsters' of Arsehole got what was comin' to 'em. Last night I had a strong feeling this was going to happen, so much so that I placed a friendly wager on it with a die-hard Arsehole fan bartendar friend of mine. Though it was far from a perfectly executed affair, the job got done. The give-and-go between Aurelio and Pennant and the finish by Crouch on the first goal was impressive. By the way, what the hell was Aurelio doing all the way over there on the right? I'm sure, despite the goal, Rafa had choice words for him.

I'm not sure who should get the Man of the Match here. I'm sure Crouch will get his just praise and probably deserves the honor after the third goal, which other than Pennant's pass to give it to him in the box, was a superb finish and all Crouchy, but I have a biased against strikers. Masch had a good game as well. I was kind of surprised not to see a well-rested Sissoko out there.

I was pretty pissed about their goal. Our boys just stood around watching the ball as it fell into Gallas' lap... literally. I was so irate at Pennant, more so because he was closest to the camera, but it seemed as if he gave up on the ball before it was even kicked.

It was good to see Danny Boy getting a goal.

Anyhow, I gotta go get drunk.

We are Liverpool, we just won, we just beat those horse fuckers Arsenal
It's okay, suck it up, at least you've got the Carling Cup... oh... wait...

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