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Liverpool - Man U: Halftime Notes

- Xabi got a card. Ha ha ha. What a joke. Atkinson is so unprofessional it's pathetic, there's obviously something personal there.
- Momo is playing well, but a couple of times he tried to force the pass. Occassionally, he'll make that play, but I'd rather him not try it too much.
- Gonzo was well on his way to Man of the Match, was in control, made a few good plays including a seemingly impossible header-shot where it seemed he got nearly four feet of the ground, but then he went back to his old ways of trying to force plays.
- Bellamy is playing great, he's making Vidic and Evra look less than average.
- Our defensive is playing phenomenal, especially Carra, who's clearance in the box when it looked like Rooney was going to get a one-on-one with Reina was grand.
- Overall, we have dominated the first half, the thing is, we haven't really had that many great shot opportunities. The ones that come to mind are Agger's 30 yard attempt, which if they're going to give him that all day, I hope he keeps taking it. Another one is Riise's rocket from Gonzo's pass from the free kick right outside of the box. It looked at first that Gonzo messed up, but, in fact, he placed it perfectly, right out of Scholes' reach.
- Toward the end of the half, we looked like we lost some steam and were waiting for the whistle to blow... not a good sign.

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