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The Daily Diatribe: Kewell, Harry, just Kewell, Rafa eyeing Arizmendi & Billy Sharp, Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money, & Pongolle can go to Huelva!

* There's been a lot of Harry Kewell talk in the last few days. That usually equates to a lot of nothing, but it's always fun to speculate about King Harry. Apparently, he plans to be back in action sometime next month. Good to hear he wants to play for the team that's paying him before he goes and plays for the team that he always seems to get injured playing for. If he comes back and plays well, awesome, hopefully he will and hopefully he won't disrupt team chemistry. Hopefully we'll still be in contention in the Champion's League as well. Also apparently, Allardyce is interested in bringing Kewell to Bolton this summer. Fat chance, Big Sam, that is unless Kewell gets injured in the Asian Cup this summer, then you can have him. I think Harry can still contribute to this squad and even at his age, his experience and ability at left wing is invaluable.

* Rafa has sent a watchman out to scout 23-year-old Deportivo striker Angel Arizmendi. Don't know much about him other than what I read on his wikipedia entry. 8 goals in 56 top level matches doesn't seem that impressive, but you never know if he came on as a sub and the kind of minutes he played per a contest.

* The Gaffa is also taking a long, hard look at Scunthorpe United goal machine, Billy Sharp. The just-turned 21-year-old has netted 22 times in 37 matches this year and 56 in 93 for his career.

* We're about to make Momo an offer he can't refuse. Well, I guess he can, but it'll leave a bad taste in us fans' mouth, especially with the patience we have shown (and are still showing) with his development. In a previous post I wrote that, with Mascherano on board, it wouldn't be that big of a deal if we lost Momo, but after further contemplation, I've changed my mind. If we're going to contend for all the cups and the Premiership title, we're going to need as many quality players we can convince. There will be no lack of playing time if we go deep in all the contests. Plus, as we saw earlier this season, the more options we have, the less likely injury will sting us.

* Finally, Recreativo de Huelvo would like to sign Florent Sinama-Pongolle. In the immortal (slightly altered) words of Tobias Fünke: "Get the Huelvo out of here!"

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