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The Daily Diatribe: Liverpool City Council calls on Liverpool to share new stadium with Everton

* Okay, why not? As long as they cough up half the bill, I have no problem with that. The problem is, with the design of the stadium, are they going to make it half red and half blue? Ugh, that's not going to work for either side. And what about the emblems, the trophy cases, and the memorabilia? Does anybody in their right mind think that such things would remain safe from the enemy's grip? Not to mention Derby time, just imagine the security bill when that one comes along. I can't even begin to imagine the chants that will ring throughout the stadium during those contests. I'm sure it will only escalate into post-game hugs, holding hands in circles, and singing campfire songs. My favorite part of the article is council leader Warren Bradley's quote: "If they can consider an increase in size, why can't they consider a shared stadium?" What's the logic there? Is the council really this clueless? Someone needs to clue them in on the Liverpool-Everton rivalry. I just read that the aforementioned Warren Bradley is a die-hard Everton fan, so you would think he'd have a clue why this won't work.

* No Lampard means Gerrard is going to have to produce or be the brunt of every Englishman's disdain. He's already scored one, but a 1-0 result is definitely not going to hack it.

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