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The Daily Diatribe: Will Kuyt be the next victim of Van Bastien's ego?, The Takeover is Complete, Momo go bye-bye?

* There is in-depth coverage over at the Netherlands World Cup blog regarding the current situation with the Dutch Nationals following their uninspiring, goalless home draw against Romania on Saturday. I was completely unaware that Kuyt not only did not start, but he didn't play at all either. Rather shocking, if you ask me. I can understand why Van Bastien does not want to deal with the over-inflated egos of Ruud and Van Bommel, but Dirk Kuyt? If Kuyt is conceited than he's doing a damn good job shrouding his narcissistic ways by tirelessly working his ass off on the pitch and showing post-game remorse when team results are not positive. Hey, I don't give a rat's ass if he plays for Holland or not, but that team is neck deep in horse shit if a player of Kuyt's character and ability isn't figured in their plans for the future.

* Gillett and Hicks finalized the takeover deal, now let's see if absolute power truly corrupts.

* Juventus has been interested in Mohamed Sissoko for quite some time now, but recently Barca has joined the list of admirers. I seriously doubt we would get rid of him, but with Mascherano joining our ranks, it would not shock me. We only need so many defensive-minded midfielders.

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