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The Daily Diatribe: Liverpool changing nickname to the Scrooges, Crespo? £68m? I don't think so, Rafa loves Masch, & The New Kits?

* Apparently Liverpool gave a big fat zero in cash to charities last year. Boo-fuckin-hoo. I went and checked out the site that did the 'study',, and found it kind of funny that they would even bother with such a study that is so basic, it's useless. In their own words: 'It takes no account of community involvement schemes, gifts in kind, fundraising projects and disbursements from associated charitable trusts.' Community involvement schemes? WTF? Anyhow, if the study is trying to shame Liverpool and other less than charitable clubs into giving more, than they can go shove it up their ass. I guess that's all that matters then, huh? No, don't get involved in the community, just write that check.

* I have nothing against Crespo and actually wouldn't mind him on the squad, but £68m? Ha. £20m might be too much for him. Then again, the only place I've seen this 'story' is at fansFC, which is really barely a step up from Tribal.

* Rafa's got nothin' but love for Mascherano. I'm not sure he's a Xabi-type player though, I think he's more of a Xabi-Momo hybrid.

* Finally, here's an alleged peek at our alleged new away kits for next season. Black? I like the yellow better. Seriously.

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