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The Daily Diatribe: Gerrard proves his class, video highlights from recent Reserves' and FA Youth Cup matches

* I only have three observations from yesterdays match between the Three Lions and Israel, which wasn't as boring as the score nor the press have indicated. First, Gerrard was by far the best player on the pitch and showed why he's considered World Class. He seemed to be content being the set-up man and did a great job doing so, it wasn't his fault his teammates had trouble finishing. Speaking of which, Lampard was shit, he should have scored at least once from Gerrard's generous offerings. Finally, Aaron Lennon is 80% hype and 20% speed. Sure, he was playing out of position and did not have a bad game in the least, but to read some other people's reviews, you'd think he was trying to win it all himself, which is far from the truth. Unfortunately, I don't think the result is going to cost McClaren his job.

* Here are the highlights from our B team's 4-1 win over the Blackburn Reserves:

* Here are the highlights from our 3-1 FA Youth Cup victory over Newcastle:

* And here's a video to pump your ass up!


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