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The Daily Diatribe: I'm a sucker, Why Jermaine? Why?

* So I went ahead and threw away $25 for the England-Israel match later today. I'm completely at odds for this match and it isn't on whether England is going to win or not, but if I want them to win or not. I'm not sure it will matter, because who will the FA bring in to replace McClaren? Or who would want to take the job? It's easily one of the most high pressure and most critically maligned coaching jobs in the world. Oh well, I'll be happy if it's at least exciting, and by that I mean at least two goals, preferably Stevie-G goals.

* JP has expressed his disappointment for not being selected to the Three Lions. Other than the chance to play for your country, I'm not sure why he would want to. The team is in shambles and need a victory today to silence the critics, not to mention the risk of injury. I don't think the added pressure is really worth it. Maybe if England get a better coach soon he'll realize Jermaine's value. I just hope this doesn't affect Pennant's confidence as he seems to be getting better and better with each game.

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