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The Daily Diatribe: Roy -> Kettle -> Black, Carra preaching some sense, Rafa not going anywhere, & Fear the Bells

* I have a lot of respect for Roy Keane, I think he was a tremendous player, but for him to go running his mouth about current Ireland internationals, especially Steve Finnan, and how they aren't "setting the world alight", is laughable to say the least. I guess they should throw more punches, stomp more people on the chest, and collect more red cards. Roy, you were the quintessential central midfielder, played both defense and offense exceptionally well, but you didn't exactly 'set the world alight' unless you were doing one of those aforementioned extracurricular activities. So what I don't understand is, especially since you're a manager now, is why you don't understand the role of a wing back? They aren't supposed to set the world 'alight', they are supposed to do their job of defending and occasionally bringing the ball up the wing to distribute a cross into the box which Steve Finnan does exceptionally well. I certainly agree with you when speaking of the mediocrity of Damien Duff, John O'Shea, and Robbie Keane, but to put Steve Finnan in with that group is borderline ignorant, he is the top rated defender in the Premier League after all.

* In a lot of ways, I want England to lose to Israel on Saturday. Mainly because I want McClaren gone and someone with some balls in. Unfortunately, I don't think it'll matter. There's a lot of speculation that Carra will start on the left, which is ludicrous. Carragher himself said he is a centre-back and certainly doesn't mind being a sub and quite frankly, I hope he doesn't play at all. I doubt he'll do a bad job, but if he in someway costs the team the game only an idiot would see it as his fault. Left back is not his position, it's Gareth Barry's, so why isn't he starting there? Oh, wait, I know, cause McClaren's an idiot.

* Rafa's not going to Real. At least not yet. Wouldn't be mad if he left, it is his home city and the club he began managing with, but glad he's sticking around for a while.

* Robson warns his team not to underestimate Craig Bellamy. I'm sure Finney will have his say as well.

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