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The Daily Diatribe II: Bruce is back, Another reserve sent out on loan, Stevie G collects his MBE, rumors about next year's kits, and Who's our player of the year?

* The legend, Bruce Grobbelaar, will start in goal for Glasshoughton Welfare on April 14th against Maltby Main at Leeds Road. Ironically, he's doing it for the club's... er, welfare. Speaking of the Jungleman, the Geoff Thomas Foundation match featuring he, John Barnes, and a host of other former Reds and Crystal Palace players ended in an 1-1 draw.

* Miki Roque became our 7th lower league division loan (and our 14th overall) as he was sent to Oldham Athletic. The 18-year-old defender has only seen action in one first team game, against Galatasaray in a meaningless Champion's League tie. He was also an integral part of our FA Youth Cup winning side last season. That makes 7 players that nobody wants to see! Why do they take them?

* Steven Gerrard officially gets his much-deserved MBE today. Here's a copy of his acceptance speech since I can't understand half the damn things he says anyhow. Finally, you got to love the Man U fans. Gary Neville? Ha ha ha ha ha! Yeah, he's so inspiring. He inspires me never to shave my facial hair like a slimeball waiter. He inspires me to go cleat-first into tackles and try and injure my opponents. He inspires me to play thirty more games than the other candidates yet not even be considered for Captain of England. The only things Gary Neville inspires are thugs. Scholes? Left his country high and dry when he was the kind of player they needed on their national team. Giggs? Probably deserving, but not much of a leader. Teddy Sheringham? Please. Gerrard epitomizes the kind of leadership that should be displayed in all aspects of life and exemplified it in Liverpool's quest for the Champion's League Trophy, not one of the aforementioned players can be mentioned in the same breathe for doing so. (I tell you what though, if Cantona wasn't so damn controversial I would see no problem in him receiving such an honor.)

* There are rumors going around that our away Premiership kits will be black next year. Not sure how I feel about that, I sort of like the yellow, but maybe it'll have some sort of psychological effect. Who knows.

* Finally, there's a vote over at for our player of the year. There's really only two players I would even consider, Steve Finnan and Jamie Carragher. Finney though, has been his quiet, consistent self, which I appreciate, but find it lacks in inspiration. Carra clearly has given his all game in and game out, making some great defensive stops along the way and being an invaluable mentor to the successor of the LFC defensive throne, Daniel Agger. It really is no contest, even if we get some Stevie-G magic in the Champions League.

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