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The Daily Diatribe: Kids dismantle Newcastle again, Rafa and The Special One are best pals

* For the second year in a row, the youth squad has made it to the FA Youth Cup final after beating the Magpies 3-1 at Anfield last night. A brace by Craig Lindfield and a 25-yard strike from Ryan Flynn were the difference. Interestingly enough, one of the new kids, Astrit Adjarevic received a straight red card for accidently hitting a Newcastle player in the face. Would suck to see him miss the final on a ref blunder.

* Mourinho proposed something similar earlier this year and it appears Benitez agrees that our younger players' development would improve with better competition by allowing Liverpool to sport a lower league side. The bigger clubs already do it in Spain, so I don't see why the Premiership can't, after all, it's only protecting the future of the league.

* Stevie-G limped off the field on Sunday, but still seems capable and willing to suite up for England this weekend. Why? I have no idea, he could have done what every United player does when they have a hangnail and sit this one out. Damn your pride, man.

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