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LFC vs Man U: A Stick Sports Football Simulation

Well, I just played this game out on Stick Sports Football, and let me tell you, it was an exciting affair and the result, down to the stats, seemed very realistic. The first half was a grind it out affair, Man U kept trying to bring the ball up, but were constantly running into roadblocks, while Liverpool played the long ball. Gerrard missed a screamer from outside of the box, while Man U just could not execute efficiently in the box, resulting in a 0-0 half. In the 2nd, Liverpool came out on fire with Dirk Kuyt leading the charge. They created tons of opportunities and rarely allowed United to invade deep into their territory, except for once, and I don't have to tell you what happened. It seemed a bit unlikely, but Saha faked out Agger and connected on a shot to the upper right corner of the goal on an almost impossible angle. United 1-0. This apparently pissed Kuyt and Bellamy off a bit and on the ensuing start, Bellamy passed to Kuyt who faked out Carrick and then crossed to Bellamy, who was screeching toward the net. When the ball got to him, he left Neville waiting for the bus and slammed the ball into the left side of the net. Momentum was clearly in Liverpool's favor, but as usual all season, luck was not on their side. Two more valiant attempts, one by Gerrard and another by Bellamy, were somehow saved by Van Der Sar. The game ended 1-1, a moral victory for the Mancs. Dirty red devil bastards.

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