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Time to play... "What will Rafa do?!?!?"

This is the game where I make a total fool out of myself trying to guess tomorrow's starting line-up!! Here goes nothing! Seriously, nothing:

GK Reina
I haven't heard anything regarding his wife and new baby, not that it's any of my business, but I'll just assume that he'll play.

LB Riise
It would not surprise me to see Arbeloa here, but I think we'll save him for Tuesday night's match.

CB Agger
Agger played sparingly last week (12 mins), and we'll need his speed and energy for this one.

CB Carragher
Carra wouldn't miss this for the world.

RB Finnan
No explanation needed

LM Gonzalez
Surprised? Yeah, so am I, but Rafa will take a gamble somewhere and Gonzo needs this start for a confidence boost. If Arbeloa starts in the back though, expect to see Riise here instead.

CM Sissoko
A ten day lay-off will do him good.

CM Xabi Alonso
Probably our most important player as he'll need to control this one.

RM Steven Gerrard
With last week's success, I think Benitez will let Stevie G run wild.

F Bellamy
Ready to play after sitting out last week.

F Fowler
Yup, another risk, but including him really lets Gerrard become a third striker as Fowler will be less likely to play all the way up front. We'll need his brains and experience for this one.

Bench - Mascherano, Kuyt, Pennant, Arbeloa, Dudek

I'm not going to do a full preview for this, but I will say it's been a long time since we've beaten Man U at Anfield, six years in fact, and it's about time, if not the perfect time to do so. They'll come out and play as dirty as they can, do whatever they can to win, and whine constantly to the ref. The old men on their team know their days are numbered and they are fully aware of the importance of winning at our home.

With that said, I found it interesting who the ref will be tomorrow. It's Martin Atkinson. This is the ref who called off the FA Cup match against Arsenal due to fog and then got balls kicked at 'em during an interview after. Hopefully the pathetic, one-sided officiating in the replay was enough 'punishment' for our squad. Hopefully, he'll even feel bad about that and try and call a fair match. Call me ominiscient, but I bet ya Xabi get's a card.

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