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The Daily Diatribe: My weekend sucked and this week's not starting out much better

* First, I lost my hard drive on my laptop, which was my own damn fault, and after reinstalling all the necessary drivers and other utilities, I went to download a program that ended up being a virus that killed my hard drive again. Awesome. This time I had to rebuild my boot sector using the recovery console. Fun, fun, fun. Then I chipped a molar biting into a sausage biscuit, but at least it didn't hurt. Then I missed the Liverpool-Aston Villa match, which from what I've read is almost a good thing. Then I made the mistake of spending $8 to see 300, which was garbage. Then I get to work this morning and find out that Francisco Duran is out five to six months with a knee injury. I just hope it's not going get a whole lot worse before it gets any better.

* Bruce Grobbelaar, Ronnie Whelan, John Barnes, Steve McManaman, and Ian Rush among the players participating in a charity match for Geoff Thomas' Leukaemia Foundation at Selhurst Park tomorrow. Wish I could be there, looks fun.

* The Italians are full of themselves. Nobody's shocked. Torn between Barcelona and Liverpool? Laughable.

* The second leg of the FA Youth Cup semifinal is at Anfield tonight, our kids lead Newcastle's boys 4-2 on aggregate and will have to have a momentous collapse to lose this one. With the way my last couple of days have been I wouldn't be shocked if they did blow this one.

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